Historical Recorders and Baroque Flutes

All instruments are fully handmade by me.
The tone and tuning of the instrument are worked in several sessions throughout many weeks in order to achieve the optimum state of moisture of the block, minimizing the need for revoicing and allowing maximum performance.
This makes each instrument a unique and versatile piece, whose qualities improve with time, adapting to the numerous demands of the performer.
I recommend a single center and foot for each head joint in order to optimize tone color and inotation.
The pitches included in the list are of complete instruments, unless otherwise stated.

Please, inquire about other pitches or additional center joints.


Soprano Ganassi
La = 440 Hz
Soprano Ganassi

Soprano Praetorius
La = 440 Hz

Soprano Praetorius
Soprano Stanesby Jr.
La = 440 Hz
soprano t
Tomas Stanesby Alto A=405
Contralto T. Stanesby
J.Denner Alto A=415 or A=440 Contralto T. Stanesby
Cockles and Mussles
J. Denner Tenor A=415 available midle joint A=440 denner  

G.A. Rottenburgh A= 415
Travesera G.A. Rottenburgh en Re

J. Denner A= 392

Travesera G.A. Rottenburgh en Re
J.H. Rottenburgh A= 400 Travesera en Re J.H. Rottenburgh  

Irish Flute in D "Rudall&Rose style"
Low Whistle en Re  
Irish Flute in D "Pratten Style"
Tin Whistle en Re  



Low Whistle in D  low w  
Tin Whistle in D
"The Musical Priest y Drowsy Maggie"
Low Flute in D low
"The Sally Garden", Irish traditional
G Flute g fife
"Belfast Hornpipe", Irish traditional
Fife Flute in D fife
"Ungaresca", anon. XVIth C.

flautas dulces flautas irlandesas traversas barrocas