Marcelo Gurovich Luthier

Historical Recorders and Baroque Flutes - Irish Flutes and Tin Whistles

"...For a beginner that wants to approach to the ancient flute without spending too much, I point out to Marcelo Daniel Gurovich that is from a distance the most economic: with less than € 500 (expedition and custom rates included ) You can have in few months a Traverso Rottenburgh (father and son) or Stanesby Jr. of excellent quality..."
Ugo Piovano

Extracted from the article of the magazine "Falaut" October-December of 2008

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"I found the instruments of Marcelo Gurovich very beautiful, tuned, open, balanced in the registers, finely finished in all senses, but most of all rich and profound in sound: these instruments of extreme good quality give an important contribution into the early music field in South America."

Livia Lanfranchi (Rome, Italy) - traverso teacher at the ULM
(Universidade Livre de Música de São Paulo) Brazil.


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